General Conditions of Transportation

VPS Engineering Ltd. from Split, Croatia, the carrier of its website,, is a provider of internal transport services (hereinafter referred to as the “Executor”),
A transport client is a traveler or business partner who is transported by a carrier for a fee.

These general terms and conditions of carriage determine the relationship between the Contractor and the Client who uses the transport service and the conditions under which the Contractor will provide a passenger transport service with a fee (Transfer hereinafter: Transfer).

General Provisions

  1. Transfer and private transfer / rent of the vehicle with the driver is the transport of a minimum of one passenger from the starting point to the final point of travel in whereby the Client chooses the start and end points of the transfer and pays it afterwards depending on the price of the service
  2. Transfer and private transfer / rental of the vehicle with the driver can be in one direction or return with or without waiting
  3. All types of transfers are only for the use of the client / traveler according to the reservation. The executor can not take other people’s reception during the course execution of the transfer

Types of transfers

  1. Transfer Attendance implies a limited number of passengers with a van, in which the number of passengers can be up to 8 persons with the driver
  2. Private Transfer / Rent of Vehicles with Driver Execution implies a limited number of passengers with a high-class passenger vehicle for the at most 3 people with driver

Contract on transportation

  1. By contract of carriage, the Contractor undertakes to safely and according to a pre-contracted request and plan to translate the passengers, and the passenger or a business partner will pay compensation to the Contractor for that service. The contract of carriage may be concluded between the Contractor and the Contracting Authority
  2. The existence of a contract of carriage is proven by a reservation certificate or, if necessary, by a special contract
  3. The certificate may be printed electronically or manually on the form provided for it
  4. The certificate was issued for one ride according to the data in this form

Transfer booking and payments

  1. The person making the reservation must be full-time
  2. The person entering the data is responsible for entering these data and correctness. The Contractor fails to enter the incorrectly entered or incorrect information no liability. The certificate may be printed electronically or manually on the form provided for it
  3. A person who makes a reservation for himself and / or a group of people accepts the Terms and Conditions on behalf of the whole group and is considered the holder of all rights and the obligation arising out of the Rules that will be signed or otherwise clearly confirmed by their consent (by payment to our account, the internet, by electronic mail), and produces legal effects by accepting the bidding and terms.
  4. Reservations are made by filling in the form and by payment under the terms of the individual offer to the giro account of the Executor
  5. The reservation is completed and is considered accepted for execution upon receipt of our written confirmation on the registered email address of the Client with all the details of the reservation
  6. The client is obliged to show the confirmation of the booking to the driver of the carrier and before commencing the transfer with the documents confirming his identity (identity card or passport or driver’s license)
  7. The reservation must be made 48 hours before the start of the transfer
  8. Reservations within 48 hours can be booked by contacting the Executive who will issue a written confirmation of reservation
  9. Without the Executive’s written confirmation of the reservation, the transfer will not be made. The carrier does not have to accept the reservation
  10. If we reject the reservation after the payment has been made, the amount paid will be returned in full as soon as possible
  11. If an advance payment is accepted and accepted, and the client does not accept the confirmed reservation made on his / her the Executive shall retain the paid advance to cover the cost of the reservation.
  12. All payments will be made in Croatian Kuna. The amount that will be charged for your credit card is obtained through the conversion of the price from euro in Croatian kuna according to the valid exchange rate list of Croatian National Bank. When you charge your credit card the same amount converted into your local currency according to the valid exchange rate list of the card issuer. As a result of price conversion, there is a possibility small differences in the amount compared to the original price highlighted on our offer.


  1. A permitted luggage is a standard suitcase or travel bag and one piece of hand luggage per traveler (in total of two pieces)
  2. At the time of application, the client is obliged to provide accurate data on additional luggage. Unrecovered additional luggage when entering the vehicle charges a double price
  3. The Contractor is not required to provide unreported luggage if the vehicle does not have enough space
  4. The Contractor shall not be liable for the contents of the luggage that the passengers enter into the vehicle

Change reservation

  1. The client can change the reservation information at any time. If the customer wishes to change the reservation (starting or ending point)
    within 48 hours before the execution of the transfer, he has to pay an administrative fee of 110,00 kn
  2. If the price of a new transfer exceeds the price of the old one, the price increases in contrast, whereas in case the price of the new transfer is lower than the cost of the old, the amount returned to the Client is reimbursed

Cancellation of reservation by the traveler / client

  1. The traveler / client must cancel the reservation in writing.
  2. In order to cancel the reservation of the client within 48h until the transfer is executed – the customer will not be returned the paid amount
  3. To cancel the reservation of the client when the period is more than 2 days and less than 15 days until the transfer is executed and the advance payment is paid of 20% of the total transfer price – the customer will not be refunded the amount paid
  4. In order to cancel the reservation of the client when the period exceeds 2 days and less than 15 days until the transfer is executed, the total
    the transfer price – the client is returned the total amount reduced by 110.00 kn of administrative fees
  5. For cancellations of the nurse’s cancellation when the period of the cancellation request has been received within 15 days of the transfer
    – The Traveler is refunded the entire amount due either for the advance payment or the total amount
  6. If payment was not made based on the offer and if part of the total price was paid and the client did not provide unbefeated billing
    transfer from the offer within 5 days to the term of the execution of the transfer shall be considered as the client has waived the reservation and has waived advance payment for service

Carriage of children

  1. Children can not use transfer without escorting an adult
  2. For carriage of children up to 5 years of age in a private transfer, a child seat is compulsory. As the child seat occupies one place in the vehicle, the child is counted as one traveler / adult. The car seat is not charged separately
  3. The client is obliged to indicate the number of children and the age to prepare a sufficient number of child seat adapters

Passenger and vehicle safety

  1. All vehicles to which the transfer is made are corrected and provided in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia
  2. Passenger’s insurance is included in the transfer price of car insurance policy for the number of passengers according to the type of vehicle
  3. A traveler who is under the obvious influence of alcohol, drugs or other unauthorized means – will not be released into the vehicle and has no right to refund of the amount paid
  4. A traveler who endangers the driver by his behavior, other passengers or traffic participants will be away from the vehicle with the corresponding application the competent police station and will not receive compensation or refund for non-execution of the transfer in full
  5. During the transfer, the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks and water is allowed in bottle bottles.
  6. During the transfer, it is not allowed to consume meals, alcohol or any prohibited substances
  7. Animals are not allowed in the transfer other than the guided hand-guzzled guide dog accompanying them as a passenger
  8. The traveler is required to carry all luggage and things to be taken upon completion of the transfer. We find the found items for 8 days and it is necessary in writing, ask for information about the lost thing to get it back if it is found.


  1. The Contractor undertakes to provide transfer services professionally and accurately to the specification and details that are contracted and
    cargo customs and norms and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Croatia
  2. Canceling a transfer service by a passenger or a “no show” – is charged in full, without refund of funds
  3. “No Show” is considered when a passenger has not arrived at the latest 15 minutes after the deadline for the transfer
  4. No valid or incomplete documents for the identity of the client / traveler – are charged in full / without refund
  5. If payment was not made based on the offer and if part of the total price was paid and the client did not provide unbefeated billing
    transfer from the offer within 5 days to the term of the transfer is considered as the passenger has waived the reservation and has waived
    advance payment for service
  6. If there is no availability of the selected vehicle for any reason, the Contractor undertakes to provide alternative means of transport
    means the same or similar standard and quality. The Contractor will cover any costs incurred due to the non-arrival of the vehicle, up to
    the price of taxi services on the same route
  7. The Carrier may partially or completely transfer its rights and obligations to a third party, at its own discretion
  8. All oral agreements between the contracting authority and the executor must be confirmed in writing (e-mail), otherwise they are considered invalid
  9. The Contractor is not liable or liable to cover the cost of delays in arrival or arrival which he could not influence or know ie more force such as traffic jams, delays due to the exacerbation of road conditions caused by weather, snow, Strong winds, interruption due to police or other police intervention, vandalism, flood, fire, earthquake, disturbances, unexpected crowds and stops in traffic, sudden deterioration of driver’s health, problems caused by transfer users, especially those by the influence of alcohol or by unauthorized substances, the possibility of embarking on excess baggage or special forms of luggage not earlier
    announced, endangering drivers or passengers by their actions or behavior, etc.
  10. The executor can not foresee the exact transfer time but are close to it. Travelers who continue their journey to others the means of transport should leave enough time from the planned end of the transfer until the departure of the other means of transport
  11. The executor is authorized to transfer the transfer and no one has the right to claim for an overcharge or change the terms of the transfer on behalf of the executor, except when it is expressly provided for by this Ordinance
  12. If it is not possible to establish a contact at a fixed location at the specified time, you must contact it immediately our administrator at +385 (0) 95 3873630 for further inquiries
  13. If for some reason you can not be in a fixed place at the specified time, you are obliged to contact us immediately administrator at +385 (0) 95 3873630 for further instructions
  14. For a non-performed service in whole or in part, the carrier is obliged to make a refund of the amount paid in full. The traveler is obliged
    to obtain and present evidence supporting his claim. Objection is submitted within 48 hours. Neutral and untimely objections will not be taken into consideration
  15. Objections raised by a carrier will consider and make a written decision within 30 days
  16. If the contracting authority has the right to refund the amount or part of the amount paid on any real basis, the carrier is obliged to make the refund as soon as possible and within 30 days at the latest
  17. All controversial issues will first be resolved by an agreement outside the court
  18. For all disputes, the court in Split is competent

Protection of personal data

  1. The traveler provides personal information voluntarily. Personal data will be used exclusively for the realization of the transfer service
  2. The carrier shall, as a business secret, preserve all that the traveler has given him and without his consent, except as provided for by law cases or at the request of the competent authority, it shall not disclose to any person any passenger data collected solely for the purpose realization of transfer service
  3. The personal details of the customer will be kept in the personal data of the Carrier

Final Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the contract concluded by the Client with the Executor
  2. These terms of use enter into force with the date of issue and publication and exclude all previous releases