Personal Data Protection Policy

Introductory Provisions

VPS Engineering Ltd. is paying particular attention to the protection of personal information of its clients. We provide you with clear, transparent and detailed information on the processing of your personal information in accordance with business practices and applicable Croatian and European regulations. Our goal is to provide the client with all the necessary information on how to process, protect personal data and rights related to the processing of personal data.

What Is Applicable

The Statement of Safety and Privacy refers to the personal information and general information of the clients we collect and process.
The client is a person who has asked us for a service offer, whereas personal data is considered to be any personal information that can identify the client’s identity. Data processing is considered any procedure that is performed using personal data.

Data We Collect

When you use our services, as part of the bidding-demand process, contracting our services, we collect the personal information you provide us, you can provide it personally or on behalf of the user / payer.
The user can provide his or her data by phone, email or via online form. We collect the first and last name, number and age of children if they are the users of the service (for the appropriate number and the appropriate child seat holder), phone number, e-mail address (for contact). We may also request information such as passport number or other personal document where it is needed in order to enforce legal obligations.
Data you provide via the web is collected and processed solely for the needs of making offers and reservations and is sent to us via the form on our website
All data is collected in order to provide the service and will not be used for other purposes.

Purpose of Data Collection

Your information will be visible to us as a single-time service provider for the purposes of contracting and performing the service, and will not be publicly disclosed anywhere. Your data is stored as long as you use our services. If you choose to stop using our services, certain information collected about you will remain with us in order to meet tax, legal and accounting obligations.

All the personal information we collect is for the purpose of performing the service for which you have given us the information.

Client Consent

The Client Consent/Approval refers to a voluntary, special, unambiguous and informed wish of a person by which he / she expressly gives a consent to the processing of personal data relating to him / her.
Without the client’s consent, we will not use the client’s personal information for any purpose for which it is required by the applicable regulations.

Personal Data Processing Principles

We process data in accordance with applicable laws pertaining to personal data processing and in accordance with business practices of data protection.
We collect and process only certain data that is necessary to meet the processing purpose.
The User has the right at any time to request access to the information we have and to request correction or deletion of his / her data.
Data is processed and stored for as long as is necessary to meet the purpose for which it is collected or as required by applicable regulations.
In order to ensurethe security of the collected data, we take special care and apply internal security procedures in managing the data. We may disclose your personal information if it is required by law or if you violate our Terms.
We do not sell your information to other services or partners, nor do we compromise your privacy or security in any way.
All employees and business partners are responsible for respecting the principle of confidentiality of data protection.

Client Rights

The Client has the right to request a report of whether his data is being processed, to request data for inspection, to request the data to be modified/deleted, to know the data processing and storage period, to request the processing of their data to be restricted, to request the transfer oftheir data to a third party, to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.

The Client has the right to request the deletion of the data at any time, even if it is not possible to perform the requested service at that time. In exceptional cases personal data must be stored if required by applicable legal regulations. The Client has the right to receive a certificate of deletion of his or her data if requested, the right to restricted processing under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, the right to complain with regard to the processing of personal data and the right to complain in case of direct marketing in order to prevent their data from being used for that purpose.

Forwarding Data to Third Parties

We do not share your information with third parties. There are exceptions, in the case of our Partners, when we share the most basic information needed to help us fulfill our obligations towards you.
The Client’s information is forwarded to third parties in rare cases of performing certain tasks by engaging the subcontractor as a data processor.
We forward the data to the third party, if necessary, for the purpose for which the user has given a separate explicit consent.


Please be aware that we are subject to various laws and that we are authorized to disclose your personal information at the request of a governmental authority or if required by law.
In the case of reorganization or transfer of ownership of the service, we have the right to transfer your personal information to a third party that will protect them at least to the same extent as we do.
Links – When you click the links on our website, they can direct you from our website. We are not liable for the privacy practices of other websites and we encourage you to read their privacy statements.

Personal Data Protection

For the purpose of protecting our clients’ personal data we use the best business practices. We adapt our internal procedures in order to achieve the optimal level of data protection by using various organizational and technical protection measures against unauthorized access, alteration, theft, loss, abuse, or other data misuse.

Amendments and Transitional Provisions of the Policy

We reserve the right to change the Policy if we consider it necessary for legal reasons. In that case, we will post the amendments on our website. Also, we will update ‘Last Modification’.
The amended Policy enters into force immediately after publishing.

Questions and Contact

The Client may exercise his rights under the General Data Protection Regulation by submitting a request for access, correction, modification or deletion of his personal data in our possession, by registering a complaint or simply by requesting additional information, please send to e-mail address

Last Updated on May 24, 2018